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06 July 2010 @ 03:42 am

I'm tired of this journal. A lot of trolls have added me, there's a shitload of drama archived, and I don't care about 75% of my f-list (oh don't be butthurt, you don't care about me either!).
So my new place is
No, don't feel free to add me just like that. Most of you guys have switched fandoms and don't even reply to my comments when I post something in your entries. I'm not mad or anything and I'm not being reproachful. I just want to keep my new friends list nice and neat, because I don't blog all that often and I can't keep up with 4578895768947 new posts in my flist that don't interest me in the slightest! It's no fun that way! Plase pretty please be okay with that. If you want to add me again, I'll happily take you in, but comment first on the friends only post here. And remind me of what we have in common.

Don't worry: all of you who I really really reaaaaally like, who comment on my entries, like me, care about me, and reply to my messages, will be added by me first hand, and I'll make sure I drop a comment on your journal first in case you miss this post. PLEASE ADD ME BACK! It means that you're very special to me, and interesting as well.

So... that's it I guess. Bye bye fellows! Have a wonderful, wonderful life.